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Plans have Changed

It has been quiet time for the Dream Village Foundation these past few months. Here is a quick update to explain why.

Our GoFundMe Charity campaigns for Elda and Maria did not turn out as hoped. We fell significantly short of our fundraising goals.

We have distributed the funds raised to these deserving ladies, in equal measure, to help provide some financial support to them and their families during the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home situation.

We learned a lot during the pilot program. What works and doesn’t work in terms of securing funding for our initiatives.

In the second half of 2020, we will be pivoting to Plan B. Specifically, we will be narrowing our focus to developing and expanding our emerging partnership with Latina SafeHouse.

In collaboration with LSH, we have defined a strategy we are calling “The Survivor Journey“.

This initiative will add an Educational focus to their current portfolio of services. The ambition behind this program is to help provide a pathway to self-sufficiency and financial independence for survivors of domestic violence.

The program has three stages:

As a service provider in support of Latina SafeHouse, Dream Village will provide a two-phased educational program to fulfill the Building for Prosperity stage deliverables.

Las Herramientas (The Tools)

Basic education focused on citizenship, computer skills, English, GED, financial education, and workers rights.

El Sueño (The Dream)

Specialized training related to the survivors “Dream”, such as accredited certification programs.

We hope to pilot our “Plan B” initiatives once we are (hopefully) beyond the current COVID-19 situation. Stay tuned as the planning progresses on this emerging strategic partnership.