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Maria’s Dream

This is the story of Maria; a domestic violence survivor from Honduras.

Maria fled the Honduras after gangs killed her cousin, with whom she ran a successful restaurant.  The local mobsters kept raising their “fines” and threatening to kill her and her children if she didn’t comply. A childhood friend offered to help them escape the violence that consumed her community.   That man later became her husband.  And her abuser.   

With the help of many individuals and organizations, Maria has left her abuser and has created a safe home for her children. Her dream is to open a restaurant, perhaps a food truck, to provide for her family and ensure their future.  The Dream Village Foundation is sponsoring her by running a fundraising campaign.

Our goal is to raise $10,000; sufficient funds for the first steps toward Maria’s dream.

These funds will pay for tuition to attend the Comal Heritage Food Incubator (a lunch restaurant and training program started by Focus Points Family Resource Center in Denver CO), help cover her costs of obtaining required business licenses, to purchase some initial restaurant supplies, and to help with the initial costs of the 1st year’s lease of a food truck.

Please watch Maria’s video on her GoFundMe Charity page and consider to help us raise these funds for a very worthy individual and her family.