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Our Partnership with Latina SafeHouse

Empowering Spanish-speaking Latina victims of domestic violence to move beyond the cycle of violence and achieve healthy independence.

Earlier this year, we entered into a partnership agreement with Latina SafeHouse to help their survivors take the next step toward personal and financial independance.

Did you know that 1 in 3 Latina woman are the victims of domestic violence? And while the problem is acute for both citizens and non-citizens alike, for undocumented women the fear of reporting their abuse or seeking out help is an often an unsurmountable barrier to escaping their situation.

In 2018, Latina SafeHouse provided support and services to over 150 woman and children. By June 2019, they have already served that many with projections for 2019 topping 300+ individuals!

Our mission, at the Dream Village Foundation, is to strengthen the communities where we live by actively enhancing the healthy integration of immigrants and refugees into society. We believe the mission of Latina SafeHouse is completely synergistic with our mission. We believe our program can serve as the “next step” for the entrepreneurial minded survivors of Latina SafeHouse.

We are currently in the early stages of qualifying some potential “pilot” program participants from Latina SafeHouse.

One of the candidates is a mom from Honduras with 2 young children who ran a restaurant and has a dream of launching a food truck business in Denver. She is looking to get formal training from Comal Heritage Food Incubator in the fall.

Our intent is to develop a formal program plan and seek funding for her education, her living expenses while in training, and some seed money to start the food truck business.

Stay tuned for more on these deserving woman as we progress through the qualification and planning processes with her and others in the qualification process.